• Who are these courses perfect for?

    *Any parent or health care worker who proactively wants to help change their child’s health and wellness with viable skills. *Parents interested in natural health care options for the kids. *Parents who wish to give their children the best start in life. *Health is Wealth. Parents who put health decisions first before money. *Health care workers who wish to add new tools to their treatment protocols for children.

  • Who are these courses not for?

    *Parents who are hands off and do not trust natural medicine. *Parents who value money over their child’s health care. *A person who does not trust natural medicine.

  • How long do I have access to courses?

    *Unlimited access to any course work purchases. *One Time fee.

  • Do I have to listen to a bunch of lectures before I can help my child?

    We provide the content so you can start following Tuina demos right away and don’t have to wait to help your child.

  • Is it Safe, will I hurt my child?

    *Yes, safe for any child. *No you won’t harm your child. *Only advisory is to please clip long fingernails so you don’t cut the delicate skin as you massage.

  • Is it Painful?

    *Some points can be "tender" to the touch. *A painful point is a sign, an indicator of a problem in the area it corresponds to on the other part of the body. *The area you touch is never the area that has the problem. *Thus, you are not causing any “trauma” to that part of the body you are performing tuina over.

  • Can I do this with other therapies my child is under or while they are in the hospital?

    *Yes, it is safe to do under any circumstance. *In fact, it will enhance whatever therapy your child is currently following or can help speed up their recovery time in the hospital.

  • How do I know it will work?

    *You must try it to understand. *Some changes occur more rapidly than others. *For more difficult issues, as you practice with your child more, you will notice changes in their body. *Reach out to us for more complicated cases

  • My child has a serious health condition, do you provide extra consults?

    *Yes, we provide telehealth support and can also recommend safe Chinese herbal medicine for more complicated cases. *We are limited to telehealth in the USA, to California residents. *We are able to provide telehealth care to international patients.