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Did you know you can help reduce your child’s fever, right now, with your own hands by learning simple tuina massage techniques?  

For example, simply massaging the spinal column in a specific way you can reduce a high fever within minutes, while simultaneously boosting your child’s immune system.  

Many clients come to us distraught that their child’s fever hasn’t come down in a couple days and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with them. Or the NSAIDs or Tylenol isn’t working. 

They are astonished at how simple it is to treat their child and reduce their fever. They watch their child's fever break right in front of them. 

The same occurs when instructing the tuina techniques over the phone. Their child’s fever reduces on the spot. 

Here’s The Secret,

It simply takes the right kind of stimulation to the body to send it in the right direction of repair activity and homeostasis, balance. Specific massage points clear accumulations in the body that would otherwise cause pain or illness. 

A child’s body responds rapidly to positive stimulation and has the ability to heal itself. If a child is treated early enough, even certain major health complications can be either averted or managed easier. 

Chinese medicine has figured out what to do and when. Their methods are based on Empirical evidence, fact stacked upon fact, clinically proven. Chinese medicine is an evidenced based medicine. 

Inside Tuina 4 Kids You’ll Find

  • Video courses, showing parents and health care workers how to help their children. (We’ll  be releasing new content for many different medical ailments as time goes on)

  • We break down massage movements very simply. 

  • We cover different age groups, Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers & School Kids.

  • There are supplemental PDF presentations to understand the methods and why it’s important.

This course will be demonstrating acu-pressure techniques to promote health and support the immune system. Our mission is to empower parents with their kid’s health, using natural and safe methods that you can do anywhere anytime, as often as necessary.

TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine / Tuina = Chinese medical massage

Benefits of Tuina Massage

  1. Boost your child’s immune system

  2. Reduce a fever within minutes

  3. Support their digestive health

  4. Help infants to feel calm and sleep better (Parents too) 

  5. Fight Cold & Flu symptoms naturally. Stop Recurrent Colds. 

  6. Promotes bonding

  7. Setting up your child for a healthier future

I’ve been where you are, a parent scrambling to help their sick child in the middle of the night, rushing to the Pediatrician, sleepless nights etc...  

I too was a “sick baby,” born 2 months premature, incubated for several weeks, grew up with lung problems, environmental allergies, allergic to dairy and gluten, and chronic constipation until adulthood. 

Not anymore, thanks to TCM & Tuina.

Not only do I know the struggle as a Parent and as the Child, I know of viable medical solutions. 

Don’t waste any more time struggling with your child’s health. 

Take control now. 

Educate yourself.

Sign up for my courses. 


Lesson price is $77.

One time fee. Never expires. 

Money back guarantee. 

What Parents Are Saying About This Lesson

5 star rating

So glad to know these techniques!

Katie Altneu

Thank you so much for sharing these treatment techniques. I'm so happy to have these tools in my belt to be able to help give my children relief if they have...

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Thank you so much for sharing these treatment techniques. I'm so happy to have these tools in my belt to be able to help give my children relief if they have a fever, and maybe even avoid giving them immune-suppressing medication. I really liked how you showed different demo videos on several children of different ages. It makes it feel clear and easy for me to do myself. I haven't seen this info elsewhere. Highly recommend.

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