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    Welcome to the course!

    • Quick Message From Your Instructor

    • Parents Trim Fingernails & Medical Disclaimer

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    Urgent Tuina Techniques

    • Stop Pain & Calm Baby (with a partner)

    • Stop Pain & Calm Baby (1 parent by themself)

    • Closer Look at Abdomen Points

    • Closer Look at Leg Points

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    Further Preventative Tuina Care Techqniues

    • Tuina Demos on 6 Week Old Infant

    • Tuina Point Locations Guide

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    Understanding More About Colic & TCM

Let Us Guide You

Learn simple massage techniques to start helping your child right now. It's simple and easy to follow.

Parents - Is your newborn baby not feeling well and leaving you Feeling Helpless and Overwhelmed?

Perhaps you’re dealing with one of these issues….

Night Time Crying, Colicky Baby? Everyone is losing so much sleep. 

Maybe your baby is constipated, Miralax isn't working? 

You've changed breastfeeding habits, or changed up formulas...

Is your baby inconsolable? 

None of the advice is truly helping, maybe partially.

Doctors say they’ll just grow out of it... 

How comfortable are you with your child feeling this way? 

Why it’s important to treat colic right away.

Untreated issues of colic have the potential to lead towards the development of digestive problems, food allergies, a weakened immune system or your child having emotional difficulties such as temper tantrums.  

You can set your child up for healthy growth and development.

Colic is not a poorly understood phenomenon in TCM. Chinese medicine has understood the reasons behind colic for centuries and there are simple ways to help treat it. 

When you know why something is occurring, you can go about resolving the problem. 

If parents are able to help treat colic symptoms right away, at the root cause, by using Tuina massage and a proper feeding schedule, this will help to prevent other health problems later on in life.

Watch the video at the same time helping your baby!

The lessons show parents how to begin helping their baby with colic pain. We demonstrate massage techniques that start working right away to help a baby calm down and ease their stomach pain. 

Further video demonstrations show how to help strengthen the digestive system and help support growth and development, including hormones. 

We understand what it’s like.

I’ve been where you are, a parent scrambling to help their sick child in the middle of the night, rushing to the Pediatrician, sleepless nights etc...  


I too was a “sick baby,” born 2 months premature, incubated for several weeks, grew up with lung problems, environmental allergies, allergic to dairy and gluten, and chronic constipation until adulthood. 


Not anymore, thanks to Tuina massage.


Not only do I know the struggle as a Parent and as the Child, I know first hand how tuina has helped improve my daughter’s health.  


Don’t waste any more time struggling with your child’s health. 

Take control now. 

Educate yourself.

Sign up for my courses.



Lesson price is $77.

One time fee. Never expires. 

Money back guarantee. 

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Katie Altneu

This is such a great resource for parents. So excited to have these tools...

This is such a great resource for parents. So excited to have these tools...

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